Sunday, May 23, 2010


                 So who needs tennis channel?

If you can't be there,(and you probably can't) did you know that you can follow the French Open without Tennis Channel? When TC signs off at noon, ESPN2 picks it up almost every afternoon from noon-6 p.m. And, if you have Direct TV, you can watch 6 screens at once on the Versus channel. Also, remember that we are fortunate to be living in the age of computer technology. In addition to televising the Open, Tennis Channel’s own website is showing streaming video of some of the matches.
And  (which apparently has some kind of deal with Comcast) seems to have the best online streaming video. You can watch it live, full screen, although the resolution is poor and the image is occasionally pixilated.

You can always see live scoring on ,where
you can catch up on scores for several matches in real time, compared to the two-game delay on Tennis Channel. Now why is that? Perhaps it’s the result of breaks for commercials.

Oh, who has time for all of this anyway?! Is it a waste of a gray day that rained out my morning match? I don’t think so. Watching tennis or playing tennis? Either way is okay by me. Tennis writing—even better.