Sunday, May 30, 2010


  When does an errand top tennis? For me? NEVER!

(Editor’s note-When I first started Tennis Is Tops, I created a segment called Drop Shots. This segment is intended to be made up of brief tidbits and nuggets about anything tennis-related that strikes me as interesting or amusing. This is only the second installment, but there will be more to come.)

My friend Pat and I maintain a friendship via email. The other day I signed off so that I could watch the French Open, which was on NBC. It was Justine Henin (left) vs.Maria Sharapova--(right) a big deal match.

I said, “You can watch it with me.” Pat's reply was disappointing but not surprising:
"I did watch the tennis match from about 2:35-2:37 pm.

It went something like this: girl hits ball over net. Ball returned. Repeat. Repeat.Repeat. Repeat.Repeat.Repeat. Repeat.Then I had to leave to go run an errand. [Where did she go-to the post office? No errand should ever interrupt watching a hot tennis match] What happened after that?"
This was my reply:
“One of them won the match. The other lost. It starts again tomorrow, but with two different players.”

As any tennis fan (not you, Pat) would expect, Henin won the match: 6-2, 3-6, 6-3. But Pat doesn’t care. Why should she? Especially when an errand beckons. Or maybe she fibbed and is just a net potato who chose to watch the news on CNN.

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