Friday, March 12, 2010


Drop Shots is a new feature on Tennis Is Tops. This will be a series of brief articles and thoughts about what’s going on in tennis today—or not going on— what went on yesterday, or might go on in the future. Confused? In other words, I’ll be writing about “whatever comes to mind,” (as my sister Judy would say. She’s a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst and doesn’t play tennis, but she works out everyday. Our parents played golf. I think I got the athlete genes.) Here we go…

Where Are They Now Or Whatever Happened To?
There are so many players who were once on the ATP and WTA tours but disappeared from sight. Have you wondered where they are and what happened to them? I’ll drop one of these in every once in a while. I will post this now and continue to add to this list. Let’s roll… I have wondered for a long time about :

Anastasia Myskina-It's likely that not too many of you will probably remember her, although she did win the French Open in 2004. Given the stack of top-ranked Russian women on the tour today, this is hard to believe: Myskina was the first Russian female tennis player to win a Grand Slam event . Add to that, she was the first Russian female tennis player to reach the top three in the history of the rankings. (Watch for more about Russian players in a future post.) In September 2004 she reached a career high of No.2. Because of injury, she has not played professional tennis since 2007. She has a “Coming Soon” website:, and a fairly complete write up in Wikipedia:

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