Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Olympics or Tennis?

It’s the Question Everyone Is AskingAre you watching the Olympics? Like Leap Year and Presidential elections, the Olympic Games come around just once every four years. So, here it is 2010 and I am in a terrible TV quandary. Olympics? Tennis? Olympics? Tennis? Olympics? So I lied. I’m not facing any kind of quandary. It’s tennis by a mile for us tennis fans. What else would we watch-- curling? C’mon. Pulleez.

Okay, the strength and grace of figure skating, which is as much theatrical performance as sport, is wonderful to watch. And what could be more exciting than to see Shaun White launch himself in the air and slide down the side of a half pipe, which you can see on his private halfpipe in Colorado:,215991

Granted, now that Tiger Woods is taking time off, many in the disappointed and bereft golf audience are likely to abandon the Golf Channel and tune in to the Olympics on NBC, CNBC, and USA. But not me. As I just confessed, I’m not really in a TV quandary. I am hardly watching the Olympics this time around, although in the past I have spent more than too much time on it. But now that I get Tennis Channel, the Olympics are barely on my radar (or television) screen. Speed skating is a bit repetitious. Round and round they go, where they stop --does a tennis junkie really know or care? Figure skating is usually everyone’s favorite. Mine, too. But an ice rink doesn’t hold a candle to a tennis court.

I know this isn’t fair, but when you are a tennis junkie, it’s difficult to get into winter sports. It’s warm weather all the way. And tennis is here all year round, with only a brief break between November and January. The Australian Open is long gone, and the French Open doesn’t show up until May 23. In the meantime, for the next 10 days I’ll continue to watch Tennis Channel and tune in to the Olympics during commercials.

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judith said...

Dear Jeanius,

I'm not a tennis junkie, but I love to read what you write. I am no longer the TV junkie I was in childhood (before your tennis days), but I sure appreciate your education.

Do you recall Dagmar (Robin Morgan) in "I Remember Mama" at 8pm on Friday nights? She became a feminist activist. Do you know if she plays tennis?
BTW, did you analyze the SuperBowl ads? They kept the Focus on the Family one (anti-choice) and stopped the one. Were there any tennis ads? Maybe you could blog about ads on the Tennis Channel, so you don't have to watch the Olympics?

Your Fawning Fan ... Fagela